Drugs Abuse in educational institutions

The use of various kinds of drugs by the male and the female students in our educational institutions must be a cause of great concern for our society generally, and for their parents specially. In the recent past, various TV channels of the country have also reported that our youth is getting addicted to various harmful drugs in the educational institutions of the country. The shocking thing that has been reported by all these TV channels is that these young students easily get these drugs from their educational institutes.
In this regard, some vital questions are: who is providing these drugs to young students in these educational institutions? Are the authorities in these educational institutes completely unaware and ignorant of such activities taking place in their institutions? If the authorities concerned know all this has been happening, then what are they doing to curb the situation?
The governments of the respective provinces should be serious on this very important and sensitive issue and the government functionaries such as Ministers and Secretaries of the Education & Universities departments should issue warning letters to the concerned authorities within the educational institutions ( schools , colleges and universities) for strictly watching the activities of their students over there.
Besides this, stringent punishments may be given to those officers of the educational institutions who are found to be involved in providing drugs to the young students in collusion with drug dealers. If the respective provincial governments and their departments failed to take timely action, it may further ruin our youth, which, by any means, would be dangerous for the healthy growth of our society.


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