Campus security Issues

Jamshoro is considered to be the spot of three prominent universities (MUET, LUMHS, UOS) however the sense of security is still ambiguous.

More than 50 thousand students are enrolled and huge staff is working in these three universities but no any specific proactive measures of security are provided to campuses. Various criminal activities are happening and countless security threats are being put on authorities. Recent suicide case of Lumhs student is still an enigma, bombs found on MUET’s gate, suicide case of Naila Rind and many other incidents remained unsolved. No any proper checkup can be observed at campuses, allocated security figures are unable to perform their duties properly. Students and staff are highly under the threat of criminal deeds.

A female student as a victim of harassment by mate students and teachers concludes the sense of inadequate security regarding female matters. Moreover the coming and going of strange people is frequent in campuses, everyone is free to enter and exit that is undetermined.

The bright future of Pakistan is under drastic threat of criminal and villainous play, And campuses need a shadow of stringent protection against such culprits whose motive is to destruct education.



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