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ClassCodeTitle Price (Rs)
FREEAutumn 2021FREEAutumn 2021
Matric200Ghareloo Masnooaat ki Farokht250
Matric201Islamiat (Compulsory) 250
Matric202Pakistan Studies 300
Matric203General Science 300
Matric204Daily Urdu250
Matric206Family Health and Caring250
Matric207English-I (Compulsory)300
Matric208Malboosaat ki Tayyari (Part-1)250
Matric209General Home Economics250
Matric210Malboosaat ki Tayyari (Part-2)250
Matric211Poultry Farm250
Matric215Ilm-ul-Taleem 300
Matric217Food and Nutrition200
Matric218First Aid-I300
Matric219Ghareloo Zarai Umoor ka Intizam 250
Matric220First Aid-II
Matric221English-II (Compulsory) 300
Matric222Food and Nutrition (Practical) 250
Matric241Al-Mukhtasar-ul-Qudoori 250
Matric242Seerat-e-Tayyaba 250
Matric246Arabic Sarfo Naho 250
Matric247General Math-I 350
Matric248General Math-II 350
Matric254Animal Production 250
Matric256Vegetable Cultivation 250
Matric257Fruit Production250
Matric260Basics Information Technology250
Matric301Daftari Urdu250
Intermediate305Rural Development275
Intermediate308General Science300
Intermediate311Book Keeping and Accountancy350
Intermediate312Ilm-ul-Taleem 350
Intermediate313Dairy Farming 300
Intermediate315Pakistan Economic 350
Intermediate316Islamiat (Compulsory) 300
Intermediate317Pakistan Studies 300
Intermediate321History of Subcontinent 300
Intermediate322Daftari Dastoor-ul-Amal 300
Intermediate326Agriculture Profitable Business 300
Intermediate327Farm Machinery and Agricultural Equipment 300
Intermediate328Oily Crops Cultivation 250
Intermediate329Modern Agriculture 300
Intermediate330Child Growth and Development 250
Intermediate342Modern ways of Gardening 300
Intermediate343Islamiat (Optional) 300
Intermediate345Home Decorating Art Management 300
Intermediate346Principle of Commerce 350
Intermediate349Plants Caring 300
Intermediate356Food and Nutrition 250
Intermediate357Health and Nutrition 250
Intermediate360Information Technology Applications 350
Intermediate363Urdu-I (Compulsory) 300
Intermediate364Urdu-II (Compulsory) 300
Intermediate365Family and Community Health 300
Intermediate366Health and Implementation300
Intermediate371Women Police 300
Intermediate376Human Rights 300
Intermediate386English-I (Compulsory) 300
Intermediate387English-II (Compulsory) 300
Intermediate388Ilm-ul-Tazeer 350
BA/B.Com 402Economics350
BA/B.Com406Pakistan Economics 300
BA/B.Com407Modern Islamic World 300
BA/B.Com409Economical and Commercial Geography 300
BA/B.Com411Umraniat-I 300
BA/B.Com412Social and Cultural Anthropology 300
BA/B.Com413Umraniat-II 300
BA/B.Com416Islamiat (Compulsory) 300
BA/B.Com417Pakistan Studies 300
BA/B.Com419Ilm-ul-Taleem 300
BA/B.Com422Library Resources 350
BA/B.Com423Library Services350
BA/B.Com426Pakistani Literature-II350
BA/B.Com427Pakistani Literature-I300
BA/B.Com430Principle of journalism 300
BA/B.Com431Khabar Nigari 300
BA/B.Com434Iqbal ki Urdu Nasr 300
BA/B.Com436Seerat-e-Tayyaba 300
BA/B.Com437Islamiat (Optional) 300
BA/B.Com438Priciple of Accounting 350
BA/B.Com444Advanced Accounting 350
BA/B.Com445History Urdu Literature 350
BA/B.Com449Magazine Gernalism 300
BA/B.Com451Taluqaat-e-Aama 300
BA/B.Com452Iblagh-e-Aama 300
BA/B.Com453Radio Broadcasting 250
BA/B.Com454Television Broadcasting 250
BA/B.Com455Fun Tadween Kutub 250
BA/B.Com456Business Taxation 350
BA/B.Com458Community Development 350
BA/B.Com460Mercantile Law350
BA/B.Com462Cost Accounting 350
BA/B.Com463Fundamentals of Business 350
BA/B.Com464Islamic Fiqah 300
BA/B.Com465Abadi aur Taraqqi 350
BA/B.Com466History of Librarianship 300
BA/B.Com467Darjabandi aur Catalog saazi 350
BA/B.Com472Quran Hakeem 400
BA/B.Com473Al-Hadith 400
BA/B.Com474Islamic Fiqah Printing
BA/B.Com476Falsafa Islamic Shariah Printing
BA/B.Com482Food Microbiology 300
BA/B.Com484Food and Nutrition 300
BA/B.Com485Health and Nutrition 300
BA/B.Com487Child Growth 300
BA/B.Com1421Introduction to Environment 350
BA/B.Com1422Environmental Pollution 350
BA/B.Com1423English-I (Compulsory) 300
BA/B.Com1424English-II (Compulsory) 300
BA/B.Com1426English Literature Printing
BA/B.Com1429Business Mathematics 350
BA/B.Com1430Statistics for Management 350
BA/B.Com1431Basics of ICT 350
B.Ed513Nazm-o-Nasq MadrasaDiscontinue
B.Ed514Jaiza-o-Rahnumai TehqeeqDiscontinue
B.Ed517Teaching of Pakistan StudiesDiscontinue
B.Ed518Taleemi Nafsiyat aur NisaabDiscontinue
B.Ed519Teaching of EnglishDiscontinue
B.Ed520Teaching of BiologyDiscontinue
B.Ed651Compulsory EnglishDiscontinue
B.Ed652Islam, Pakistan and Modern WorldDiscontinue
B.Ed653Teaching of Chemistry350
B.Ed654Teaching of Islamiat300
B.Ed656Teaching of Physics350
B.Ed657Teaching of General Science300
B.Ed658Teaching of Urdu300
B.Ed661Teaching of Math350
B.Ed8601General Methods of Teaching 350
B.Ed8602Education, Assessment and Evaluation 350
B.Ed8603Curriculum Development 350
B.Ed8604Research Methods in Education 350
B.Ed8605Educational Leadership and Management 350
B.Ed8606Citizenship Education and Community Engagement 350
ADE6416Associate Degree in Education350
MSc Pakistan Studies538Genesis of Pakistan Movement 400
MSc Pakistan Studies541Social Change 400
MA Special Education671 Educational Psychology 400
MA Special Education672Perspectives of Special Education 400
MA Special Education673Handicapped Persons in the Community 400
MA / M.Ed826Elementary Education 400
MA / M.Ed827Secondary Education 400
MA / M.Ed828Higher Education 400
MA / M.Ed829Teacher Education in Pakistan 400
MA / M.Ed831Foundation of Education 400
MA / M.Ed833Student Support in Distance Education 400
MA / M.Ed834Educational Technology 400
MA / M.Ed835Study Guide on Adult Education 400
MA / M.Ed837Education Research 400
MA / M.Ed838Curriculum Development and Instructions 400
MA / M.Ed840Educational Psychology 400
MA / M.Ed841Educational Measurement and Evaluation 400
MA / M.Ed842The Concepts and Methods of Distance Education 400
MA / M.Ed843Educational Guidance and Counseling 400
MA / M.Ed844Non Formal Distance Education400
MA / M.Ed845Educational Administration and Supervision400
MA / M.Ed846Teaching Strategies 400
MA / M.Ed847Adult Education in Comparative Perspectives 400
MA / M.Ed851System of Distance Education 400
MA / M.Ed852Broadcast Media in Distance Education 400
MA / M.Ed853Non-Broadcast Media in Distance Education 400
MA / M.Ed854Developing Material for Distance and Formal Education 400
MA / M.Ed855Computers in Education 400
MSc Pakistan Studies4655Geography of Pakistan (Part-I)400
MSc Pakistan Studies4656Geography of Pakistan (Part-II)400
MSc Pakistan Studies4657Pakistani Literature and Languages-I 400
MSc Pakistan Studies4658Pakistani Literature and Languages-II400
MSc Pakistan Studies4663Pakistani Society and Culture-I400
MSc Pakistan Studies4664Pakistani Society and Culture-II400
MA Urdu5601Urdu History and Literature-I400
MA Urdu5602Urdu History and Literature-II400
MA Urdu5603Afsaanvi Adab-I 400
MA Urdu5604Afsaanvi Adab-II400
MA Urdu5609Asaaleeb Urdu Nasr-I 400
MA Urdu5610Asaaleeb Urdu Nasr-II400
MA Urdu5611Special Study of Meer and Ghalib-I 400
MA Urdu5612Special Study of Meer and Ghalib-II400
MA Urdu5613Special Study of Allama Iqbal-II400
MA Urdu5614Special Study of Allama Iqbal-II400
MA / M.Ed6500Foundation of Education 400
MA / M.Ed6501Educational Psychology and Guidance 400
MA / M.Ed6502Educational Management and SupervisionPrinting
MA / M.Ed6503Curriculum and Instructions400
MA / M.Ed6505Islamic System of Education 400
MA / M.Ed6506Education in Pakistan Printing
MA / M.Ed6507Educational Measurement and Evaluation 400
MA / M.Ed6508Teaching of English 400
MA / M.Ed6509Teaching of Urdu400
MA / M.Ed6511Teaching of Pakistan Studies 400
MA / M.Ed6552Textbook Development-I 400
MA / M.Ed6553Textbook Development-II400
MA / M.Ed6554Workshop and Teaching Practice-I Printing
MA / M.Ed6555Workshop and Teaching Practice-I IPrinting
MA EPM6573Population Education-I400
MA EPM6574Population Education-II400

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