Educational imparity

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Educational opportunities available in Pakistan are very diverse in nature. There are deep divisions based on regional imparity, gender, income and wealth of parents, curriculum and syllabi, mode of instruction in schools, rural-urban location, ideological dividends, type of schools and access to shadow education (extra coaching), among many others. Hence the society remains divided.

These differences should be of grave importance to policy makers of Pakistan. When there are reflections of existing disparities and divisions in the country, the schooling system will cause the disparities to increase manifold over next few years if they remained unchecked and unchallenged. When there is inequality in society, the structure of society is disorganised and give rise to anti-social activities.

Government needs to address these issues before they reach an irredeemable threshold. Progress can be achieved if equal window of opportunity is given to a common man. Policies like uniform education or bare minimum standard of education for all needs to be implemented.


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