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The following prices are for one assignment only not for subject / code.
LevelEmail / Soft CopyPrint / PhotocopyHandwritten Copy
Matric Level Rs. 100 (Pdf)Rs. 200Rs. 400
Intermediate LevelRs. 100 (Pdf)Rs. 200Rs. 450
BA / B.Com LevelRs. 300 (MS Word)Rs. 400Rs. 500
B.Ed / ADE LevelRs. 300 (MS Word)Rs. 400Rs. 500
Master Level Rs. 400 (MS Word)Rs. 500Rs. 650
MBA / M.Com LevelRs. 500 (MS Word)Rs. 600Rs. 800
Diploma / MA TEFLRs. 500 (MS Word)Rs. 600Rs. 800
Price Listfor OverseasStudents
LevelEmail / Soft CopyPrint / PhotocopyHandwritten Copy
Matric Level $5$7$10
Intermediate Level$5$7$10
BA / B.Com Level$5$7$10
B.Ed / ADE Level$5$7$10
Master Level $10$12$15
MBA / M.Com Level$15$17$20
Diploma / MA TEFL$15$17$20

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  1. Require Below solved Assignement:
    Language, mind and learning are inevitably linked and an understanding of students’ mental processes, feelings, emotions, motives and behaviour can be invaluable for teachers wishing to enhance learning within their foreign language classrooms. Read relevant material in order to explore the above point of view and research into psychological issues in language education, considering the implications for second language teachers and learners. Write a brief literature review that might enhance teachers understanding of the psychological issues in learning and improve their pedagogical practice in the L2 classroom. Apply the same ideas/views in one of your language teaching/learning classes and give recommendations based on your observation/results.

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